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Working in London

Sunset Over the London Aquarium

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With offices now open in London, specialist chef recruitment agency Chef Help is working with restaurant owners, hotels and various private residences to find experienced, qualified and reliable permanent or temporary chefs.

Whilst many candidates may already live in London, there are just as many who will be new to the capital when they travel to this vibrant city to start their new job. For those who have never worked in London, here’s a taster of what it’s like to be part of the 24-hour lifestyle of a city with a historic past which seamlessly blends in with the contemporary hustle and bustle of the working lives of millions.

The feel of London

The best overall description of London? That it’s:

  • Fast
  • Fun
  • Enjoyable

Work ethic of London

Be yourself at work and you’ll be appreciated and respected for who you are, the skills and experiences you bring to the job and the fact that you’re committed to enhancing your knowledge in what is an incredibly cosmopolitan and fast-moving work ethos. London is full of opportunity for those who are willing to bring motivation to their daily workload and to be proactive and show a positive attitude to both their job responsibilities and for those they work with.

The people you’ll work with

You’ll be working with a team from diverse backgrounds who are able to combine the fast pace of their working day with a relaxed attitude to the pleasures of carrying on the team spirit when socialising together. You’ll be working hard when you’re in London but at the same time you’ll be with those you’re proud to call both colleague and friend.

Those you work for

Gary Kawasaki once said ‘companies that are successful are those that change people’s lives’ and London is certainly the place to change yours. You’ll be working for an employer you can build a relationship with which recognises your unique skillset and in return reward you for your dedication. London offers inspirational chances to be who you want to be and to build a fantastic career due to the wide range of work available; don’t lose out by not exploring avenues for promotion if they come your way as things can really move at a pace and you’ll want to be part of it when it happens.

Travelling to work

London has one of the best transport networks in the world – enhanced through financial investment when hosting the 2012 Olympics. Wherever you’re based, you’ll find you can reach work easily through the network of famous red buses, the Tube and overland trains and even the river boats which ferry commuters from one side of the Thames to the other seven days a week. Plan your journey using the London Transport resources and find out about the discounts available for paying for a number of trips to work in advance to save you money to then use to discover the famous landmarks you can visit when you have a day off.

London will transform the way you feel; you’ll be energised and take each new day as part of an ongoing adventure which will shape your future career.  You’ll wake up each day feeling that working in London is the best idea you’ve had and that you are privileged to be experiencing the beauty of the city as well as shaping your career to be exactly what you want it to be.