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Pastry Chef

A pastry chef has a specialised role in the busy world of a catering kitchen.

The responsibilities of a pastry chef include making all the bread, cakes, desserts, petit fours and other pastry products such as those served as part of afternoon tea.

How to become a pastry chef

The qualifications required to be a pastry chef include the basic catering qualifications which can be studied for at college, combined with experience in roles such as commis chef or as a chef de parties. They will then look to enhance their qualifications and experience by studying on specific courses which focus on the elements of the role. When this has been achieved, a pastry chef will then either work alone in the kitchen alongside the rest of the team, or in a large hotel or on a cruise liner perhaps and will have their own team of commis and de partie staff.

Being a pastry chef means having the expertise to produce beautiful and often incredibly intricately designed sweet delights. They will have piping skills for the petit fours which grace layers of silver trays and will be able to create sugar crafted flowers for spectacularly decorated cakes.

The daily life of a pastry chef

With an ever-changing menu, a pastry chef must have the ability to use their culinary knowledge and apply it to a wide number of dessert possibilities. One day they may have to create delicately sculptured fruits, another they could be tempering chocolate. There is a great deal of scientific knowledge in making bread and pastry products and a good pastry chef will be aware of how the ingredients will interact when placed under certain conditions.

The working day for a pastry chef often starts earlier than everyone else as there is a need to bake bread for breakfast. Many may work a ‘split shift’ and have a break in the middle of the day to then return for the evening service.

Call today if you need a pastry chef in the near future

Patience and attention to detail are the ideal qualities of a top pastry chef and if you are looking for such a person, Chefhelp have highly qualified candidates who have made making delicious breads and stunning pastries their life’s work. Whether your requirements are for a talented chef to take up a permanent position or need someone for a one-off event, talk to us today and we can help.

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