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Need a Chef?

The loss of a chef in any catering environment for either a long or short period of time can present real problems in the preparation and cooking of food.

If for any reason you need a chef, then Chefhelp can provide you with suitably qualified candidates.

How we can help

There are many scenarios where Chefhelp steps in with a staffing solution:

  • Family occasion catering; weddings, christenings, birthday celebrations
  • Holiday cover
  • Sickness cover
  • Permanent vacancies
  • Gastro-pubs with busy lunchtime and evening services
  • Large scale public events
  • Busy restaurants
  • Small team bistros
  • Pop-up restaurants
  • Canteens where large amounts of food are served; hospitals, factories, universities and colleges

The chefs we can provide

Chefhelp pride themselves on only providing candidates who are qualified for your exact needs. We have all levels of chef available including Sous, Head, Executive and even specialist candidates such as Pastry Chefs.

All we need to know at Chefhelp is the vacancy you have, whether it’s temporary or permanent, how long you require staff if it’s a temporary need and a start date. We will find you suitable candidates who will be ready and willing to work for you in a professional manner.

The wide range of talented chefs we have available mean that you’ll never need to worry about a staffing shortage and we can also help with an urgent call for help if you find you’re suddenly short staffed and need someone you can rely on to step into the breach.

Our chefs are all hand-picked for their expertise, experience, honesty and dedication to the food industry. You’ll find they instantly make a valuable and seamless addition to your current kitchen team and you’ll have the peace of mind that your food will be prepared with skill, on time and by a Chefhelp chef who really knows the importance of high quality presentation of excellent tasting meals.

What to do if you need a chef

If you need a chef today or know you have a requirement at some point in the future, contact us immediately or call us directly on 0845 269 3591 and we can quickly match one of our candidates with your staffing requirements. If you have multiple vacancies we can also provide chefs you can interview and then slot into their new roles as soon as you need them.