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This is what the working day at a Top Chef Recruitment Agency looks like

Posted: April 14, 2015 at 9:09 am

No two days are alike for a chef recruitment agency. The hours of the expert staff are filled with client liaison, talking to potential candidates, advertising vacancies and ensuring calls for help for emergency staffing are answered with the provision of experienced and hard-working chefs.

There’s a great deal of work which goes on behind the scenes of a chef recruitment agency and here’s just a few tasks the team may find themselves dealing with on any one day.

Sourcing candidates

Only the best candidates are added to the database of a professional chef recruitment agency. Recruiters are always on the lookout for top talent with verifiable skills and will advertise on their site as well as through other marketing channels to find chefs who are looking for new career opportunities.

Advertising vacancies

When a client makes contact to say they have a role to be filled, the database of chefs is searched to find potential matches. If there are candidates who fit the bill, the details will be passed to the employer.

If it is felt that an advert would help attract further candidates, the agency will arrange for this to be placed on their own site as well as other locations such as through social media and job search websites. The wording of the advert as well as the skills needed for the job will be discussed with the client to ensure the highest possible range of chefs apply.

Filtering possible candidates

When a chef applies to join the database or for a specific vacancy, the recruitment team will read through their CV. They will be looking for key skills and experience as well as details of specific knowledge and where necessary, qualifications and references which can easily be checked.

Meeting candidates

Wherever possible, candidates will be called to meet a recruitment consultant. This is the opportunity for their past working career to be discussed in more detail as well as what kind of job is being sought after and whether they are looking for permanent or temporary work.

Developing client relationships

Working with clients is an ongoing responsibility of any recruitment agency. It doesn’t matter if the client is new or has been part of the agency portfolio for a number of years, all clients are equally important. Consultants will work to develop and nurture long-lasting relationships so they get to know the needs of the client; in turn this means the recruitment consultants can always come to the rescue with the perfect chef when there’s a staffing need.

 Facilitating interviews

Once suitable candidates have been found through their CV on the database or an application to a specific job advert, a chef recruitment agency will look to bring chefs and employers together in the form of an interview. This is less common if the work is temporary, as the need for extra staffing is usually urgent.  In these circumstances, the client will rely on the specialist knowledge of the agency to provide a chef or chefs for however many days, weeks or months are required without the need to interview them before they can start work.

Finding a great agency to work with

Employers are already very busy with their day to day workload running a kitchen, restaurant or hotel and they need an honest, reliable and experienced agency they can work with.

Chef Help is all this and much more. They pride themselves on their specialist knowledge in finding chefs at all stages of their careers and matching them to the needs of the client. The team act quickly and always have a number of experienced chefs available in a crisis such as

If you need a chef to fill a spot in your team or you have a newly created post and want to only attract the highest calibre of candidates, Chef Help will guide you through each stage of recruitment. They will locate great chefs who are looking for the next step in their career and be there when you need to cover holidays or when you require extra staff for a large event.