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The Top 10 Most Famous Chefs on the Planet

Posted: December 18, 2014 at 2:03 pm

So what is the difference between a good chef a famous one? Is it the ability to throw anything together? Is it raw talent? Or perhaps it is a certain amount of individuality that makes us, as loyal followers, want to cook. The most famous chefs have personality, a certain charisma and charm. They makes us want to cook. They are addictive, like a steaming sticky toffee pudding covered in cream, we just cannot get enough of them.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon RamseyBorn in Scotland in 1966 the world renowned Gordon Ramsay is a household name throughout the universe. Having accounted 15 Michelin stars, several TV shows and a chain of phenomenal restaurants Mr Ramsay is surely the king of chefs. He is famous for swearing a lot, a red hot temper and for not taking prisoners. Regardless of his adoration of the F word, we love him for the glorious food he creates and the amusement he provides – we just wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of him.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie OliverThe cheeky chappy Essex boy captured our hearts for being smiley and  huggable. We love his simple meals, his creativity and the fact he looks like  the sort of bloke we would meet in the pub. Born in 1975 and raised in a pub,  that his parents still own and run today, Jamie became famous for writing  ‘The Naked Chef’, which became a number 1 best seller.


Nigella Lawson

Nigella LawsonNigella is not only beautiful but she is funny, she is down to earth and is a blooming good cook to boot. She became famous in 1999 for the show Nigella Bites. London born in 1960, Nigella is not actually a trained chef and has no cooking qualifications to her name, however we adore her honesty and her ability to captivate us and make us want to grab the muffin tins and bake a batch of delicious cakes.


Anthony Bourdain

Anthony BourdainAnthony Bourdain is an American born chef, famous for his French cuisine, profanities and no holds barred attitude, becoming known as the ‘culinary bad boy’ by some. He also has a penchant for eating odd foods, his previous food choices include sheep testicles, seal eyeballs and a cobra.





Mario Batali

Mario BataliMario was born in Seattle in 1960 and hit the dizzy heights of celebrity chef status in 1996 in America. He has achieved 9 individual awards for his TV appearances, books and restaurants and is famous for his love of Italian cookery and pigs. Prior to becoming a chef, he wanted to move to Spain to become a banker. He loves shorts and orange crocs!





Emeril Lagasse

Emeril LagasseEmeril Lagasses was born in Massachusetts in 1959 and became the executive chef at Dunfeys Hyannis resort at the age of just 20. He became famous in 1993 after being featured alongside 16 other chefs on the series ‘Cooking with masterchefs’, aired in America. He is also famous for providing meals to NASA to be taken up into space by astronauts. The food he created was spicy, to prevent the deadening of flavour due to micro-gravity.



Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang PuckWolfgang puck is not only a multi-millionaire he also brought French cuisine to California. He has so far amassed a wealth in excess of $500 million. The 65 year old was originally born in Austria but moved to America at the age of 23. The book ‘Live, Love, Eat’ became an International best seller within weeks of its release.






Gary Rhodes

Gary RhodesGary Rhodes is a UK born chef that prides himself on creating British culinary delights that are simple and easy to recreate. His distinctive spiky hair, cheeky grin and approach to British Cuisine put him on the map and captured our hearts.





Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre WhiteA Northern lad, born in Leeds in 1961, Marco Pierre White became famous for being the youngest chef to gain 3 Michelin stars. Raised in a council house in Leeds, Marco left for London at just 16 to work as a commis chef and his talent and ability rose from there to become the world renowned chef he is today.




Delia Smith

Delia SmithDelia is probably one of the UK’s most favourite chefs. She’s friendly and lovely and typically British, famous for her no nonsense approach and ability to make us want to make her simple but delicious looking meals.