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Love a chef today

Posted: December 4, 2014 at 3:48 pm

Everybody loves food. There is nothing more satisfying than biting into a favourite meal that has been delicately created from scratch. For some it is a delicious chicken Caesar salad, for others it may be a beautifully crafted sautéed duck foie gras or perhaps a comfort induced cottage pie swimming in gravy with crispy melted cheese on top and a hearty portion of chips? We aren’t hinting about the hours that have been slaved away in the kitchen though. One of the nicest things about eating is the times when you do not have to spend the next 30 minutes scrubbing the pan because you burnt the bottom. Show some love to a chef today and make their day by going out for dinner.

chef-307076_640Yes a chef’s life is hard but on the other hand it is also incredibly rewarding. Knowing that they have possibly made somebody’s birthday extra special, have celebrated an anniversary or perhaps made a newlyweds wedding reception go swimmingly are just one of the perks of the job. Chefs are humans and not machines, and as a result get a huge amount of pleasure from hearing the words ‘Thank you’. Chefs are heroes. They may not have saved somebodies life today but they have made the difference between a good meal and a bad one. They make the difference between frequent visits for you to the bathroom the next day or telling everybody about how amazing your visit was. Behind the scenes lays a perfectly oiled machine working in unison to create what we as customers take for granted. The delegation of jobs from the top of the hierarchy, even down to the service. Every cog in the wheel has to work together to give us the best experience. We do not see the long hours put in before dawn and we do not see the tired aching feet but we do see the end result and to a chef that is what makes the job worth it.

The love of food and a creative flair to make something out of nothing is a must for a chef. They are the artists of the food world. As the evolution of humans has progressed we are programmed to eat with our eyes and so dumping any old something is not going to win us over anymore. Long gone are the days when a pile of mush over-spilling our plates would satisfy even the largest of appetites, a person needs to fall in love what they have in front of them to enjoy it fully. From the first fleeting glance to the last bite, a dish needs to seduce the customer. An intimate love affair. To the chef who has spent hours preparing it, he is the cupid, the matchmaker, the electric bolt that connects two things together without an explanation. The maker and the creator. Ambrosia and Eros tied together to create the ultimate creature.