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About Us

Chefhelp was founded by award winning chef Garon Trivett in 2007. He has worked in catering for over 25 years and has helped many hotels and restaurants to improve the standards in their kitchens. Quality, presentation and taste are three of Garon’s key passions… anything less than perfection just doesn’t leave his kitchen.

Garon has always had a passion for good food, liking to hand pick the finest local ingredients and produce creative dishes that over deliver on the customer’s expectation. Garon’s drive has taken him one step further than this – in his bid to help local business source chefs of excellent quality. Garon understands that great chefs are a must in any good kitchen. This is why he set up Chefhelp – to help local businesses achieve the best results, even with temporary chefs.

Garon says “the buzz for me comes from creating great food. However, I also love to know that the restaurants and hotels I work with can have confidence in the chefs I provide. This is why I personally interview them, and will even do the first day with them to make sure they are to my standard!”